Remember AIS Prevention This Holiday Weekend

Remember to follow Aquatic Invasive Species laws and prevention measures while enjoying your time fishing or boating this Independence Day Holiday Weekend!

Clean – remove all visible aquatic plants, zebra mussels, and other prohibited invasive species from all water-related equipment and trailers before leaving any water access or shoreland

Drain – remove boat plug to drain water from boat, ballast tanks, bilge, bait container, motor and wells and keep drain plugs out during transportation

Dispose – change bait water before leaving location using bottled or tap water and dispose of unwanted bait in the trash. It is illegal to release live bait into water, to release aquatic animals from one waterbody to another or to dump bait on the ground

Consider these additional prevention measures whenever possible:

  • Spray with high-pressure water or rinse with very hot water (120 degrees for at least two minutes or 140 degrees for at least 10 seconds)
  • Dry watercraft and equipment for at least five days before using in another water body
  • Decontaminate watercraft and equipment

Visit the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention page on our website for more information

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