Stewardship Week!

In 1955, the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) began a national program to encourage Americans to focus on stewardship. Stewardship Week is officially celebrated from the last Sunday in April to the first Sunday in May. It is one…Continue Reading →

Cost Share Funds Available

Cost share funds are currently available to install erosion control and water management practices in Brown County.   Practices can include:  grassed waterways, terraces, riparian buffer strips, streambank, shoreland and roadside projects,  critical area stabilization, sediment retention, erosion or water control structures,…Continue Reading →


Congratulations are extended to Douglas Goodrich the District Manager for the Brown Soil and Water Conservation District for successfully completing a one-year leadership development program sponsored by the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The program, titled “The…Continue Reading →


Buffer Strips N. Eden SectionX (Karen Greenberg) 05-16-11_01

In June of this year, Governor Dayton signed into law a new buffer initiative aimed at enhancing protection of Minnesota’s waters. The buffer initiative will help protect the state’s water resources from erosion and runoff pollution by establishing roughly 110,000…Continue Reading →

Conservation Buffers

WHAT IS A CONSERVATION BUFFER? Conservation buffers are small areas or strips of land in permanent vegetation placed in the landscape to help control pollutants and reduce other environmental concerns.  They are designed to slow water runoff, provide shelter and stabilize riparian areas.  Conservation…Continue Reading →